The Horse Hut - Equine Health & Tack Supply

The Kakabeka Depot is the largest tack shop in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, with a full equine health supply and as a registered vet supplier.  Keep your horse healthy, clean and well equipped with our large selection of supplies for all your equestrian wishes.

Horse AccessoriesThe Kakabeka Depot will have everything you need for your horse including:

  • helmets and riding equipment
  • bridles
  • saddles – we work with every major supplier to order the best one to fit your riding needs
  • blankets
  • full ferrier suppliers
    • hoof care
    • boots
    • health products
    • hoof wraps

Vet Supplies

  • antibiotics
  • electrolytes
  • vitamins and minerals
  • Pharm-Vet products
  • injury and wound treatment
  • pain relief
  • dewormers

Grooming Supplies

Horse Fly SpraysFeed From Major Brands

  • Masterfeeds
    • Frontrunner equine program
  • EquiPurina
    • Evolution – from gestation to growth, and from performance to retired
    • Simplici-t -for the leisure horse, boarding stables and riding schools
    • Equilibrium – targeted based on the health, performance and temperment of your horse
  • Buckeye

FlaxBed Premium Horse Bedding

FlaxBed is a premium bedding for your horse.  Far more absorbant than wood shavings or straw.  Low dust and labour saving, it is made of 100% flax and improves animal health from allergies and reduces the amount of cleaning required.  FlaxBed requires less material, making it more economical and less waste to clean up.

We also carry wood shavings, straw and wood pellets for bedding.