Find everything you need to keep your pets in healthy and happy shape with all that you need at the Kakabeka Depot.  We have everything you need for pets in all age groups to keep them your best friend for a long time.  Come by to browse our large selection of options.


Dogs are our best friend at the Kakabeka Depot.  We have all your supplies for health, nutrition, cleaning and play needs.

  • Our son with our dogMany types of dog food including:
    • Country Vet
    • Country Vet Naturals with 100% North American sourced ingredients
    • Pure Vita
    • NutriSource
    • Purina
    • Tuffy’s
    • Country Maintenance
    • Big Red
  • Treats
    • soft chews
    • rawhides
    • natural options
    • knuckles
    • dental hygiene
    • bulk options
    • pig ears
    • biscuits
  • flea and tick control
  • collars and leashes
  • health and vitamin supplies
  • kennel kits and runs
  • fencing


As everyone knows, you cannot own a cat but you can provide for all their needs and buy their love.  The Kakabeka Depot has all that you need to provide for your feline friend in the Thunder Bay area.

  • Food brands that your cat will love with both soft and dry options:
    • Purina
    • Purina Friskies
    • Country Vet
    • Whiskas
    • Mainstay
    • PurVita
  • flea and tick collars
  • feeding and water equipment

Small Animals

BentelyUnderstanding the small animals that are right for your home is no small feat, so the Kakabeka Depot has all the supplies you need to make the best fit. We have natural, vegan and non-GMO food options for all of your pet needs.

  • rabbit pellets
  • fish food
  • indoor bird food
  • bedding for cages
  • stall dry
  • hay and straw
  • guinea pig, hamster and gerbil food
  • turtle food