The Kakabeka Depot is the only supplier of non-GMO, organic and vegan feed options for your livestock in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

Our main brands of feed are:

  • Maitland Natural Valley Feeds
  • Masterfeeds

Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan and Certified Feed

There is feed that is called Natural, non-GMO, vegan and certified. What does that mean?

What is Vegan?
Vegan food is feed that is free from all animal by-products and does not contain anything that has come from other animals.

What is Natural?
Natural means existing in nature; not made or caused by humankind. These products are as untouched by humans as you can buy.

What does non-GMO mean?
GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Non-GMO items do not contain anything that has been altered by genetic modification in a laboratory.

What is Certified?
Certified products go through a process to ensure that it matches a certain set of professional standards or designated qualifications. This means that everything has been inspected so that you can rest easy.

Livestock Supplies

In addition to Livestock feed, we also carry the following livestock supplies:

  • diatomaceous earth
  • milk starter from Grober Nutrition
  • vitamins
  • salt blocks
  • trace minerals
  • llama and alpaca supplies
  • bedding
    • flax bed
    • pine shavings
    • straw
    • deoderizers


We carry fencing supplies in every form from electric, hardwire to chainlink fencing. Our main brands are:

  • Behlen
  • Dare
  • Zareba
  • Rangemaster
  • Parmak

We also include the following fencing items:

  • wires
  • insulators
  • posts
  • outdoor options
  • mesh
  • poultry netting

Give us a call today for all your fencing needs.