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Bentley with chickens
Our son with our chickens

Raising your own chickens can be a practice with so many benefits: eggs, learning experience for your children, natural pest control of weeds and insects, compost for your lawn and garden, and an understanding of raising our own food. 

Some things you should know before you begin on your chicken journey is what you need to make a better life for you and your birds.  The Kakabeka Depot has all the supplies you need for you and your chickens.

  1. Shelter – your chickens need a place to get away from the hot sun, cold rain, strong winds, cold winters, predators and lots of room. The best shelters have plenty of places for your chickens to roost, nests, and good lighting.  You will need bedding, waterers, and feed to have a great place for your chickens.  An outdoor run is also a great addition to your chickens living space.
  2. Care – Having chickens is like having an addition to your family. They need to be taken care of on a daily basis for food, water and waste.  You need a good place to store both feed and manure to reduce issues from wildlife and pests.  A well cared for chicken coop will also have very little odours.  A chicken will produce about 1 cubic foot of manure in 6 months. Manure should be composted for at least a few months before using on your gardens due to ammonia and disease.  Adding the bedding from the coop will help the composting process.
  3. Bird Selection – Choosing the right bird for you can be an adventure.  There are many breeds that we carry.  Some of them are sexed so you can request hens only. You can choose chickens based on egg colour (white, brown, blue, green, etc), dual purpose (egg and meat), feather type, size, and ornamental.  Talk to us about finding the right bird for you.

Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles courtesy of Frey’s Hatchery


RARE & EXOTIC BREEDS (limited quantities–they must be confirmed prior to payment)

-See our 2017 EXOTIC POULTRY list 

-Print an order form for exotic poultry EXOTICFORM2017 to fill out and email  to info@kakabekadepot.com  Please do not worry about completing the form in total but mostly get your desired breeds and personal information on there so we can confirm them with you when we complete your order. If you have questions feel free to call us #628-0652. Payment can be made via e-transfer or on the phone. 

Bonnie’s Chick Hatchery(best selection of egg layers and meat birds)

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White Frizzle Cochin bantam
White Frizzle Cochin bantam

Detailed Bird Descriptions:

Click on the name of the bird to learn more details about this breed on Wikipedia. If you have any questions about the birds we carry, please give us a call.

Egg Chickens

Meat Chickens

  • White Rock Broiler-BEST SELLER! This is an excellent meat bird that does very well with our hot dry summers. These birds are white in colour and our fastest growing bird-they are bred for meat only. White Rocks can be butchered at a range of weights but are typically grown for 8-12 weeks. With the correct care, White Rocks will achieve excellent results. We would also encourage you to speak to our staff about our many NEW feedings options available for spring 2017!
  • Please note: We do NOT sell Cornish Giants anymore as they are not successful in this area- they require too much care to receive optimal results. 

Rare & Exotic Breeds

White Rock Chicken
White Rock Chicken




White Turkey
White Turkey